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What are your weaknesses? Try not to cite personal characteristics as weaknesses, but be ready to have one if the interviewer presses. Turn a negative into a positive answer: "I am sometimes intent on completing an assignment and get too deeply involved when we are late. If you could start your career again, what would you do differently? What career options do you have at the moment?

How would you describe the essence of success? According to your definition of success, how successful have you been so far?

6 Advantages of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Think carefully about your answer and relate it to your career accomplishments. Tell me about you! Use your resume summary as a base to start. What do you know about our company? Do your homework before the interview! Spend some time online or at the library researching the company. Find out as much as you can, including products, size, income, reputation, image, management talent, people, skills, history and philosophy. Project an informed interest; let the interviewer tell you about the company. Why do you want to work for us?

What would you do for us? What about the job offered do you find the most attractive? Least attractive? List three or more attractive factors and only one minor unattractive factor. Why should we hire you? Because of your knowledge, experience, abilities, and skills. What do you look for in a job? An opportunity to use your skills, to perform, and be recognized. Please give me your definition of a Keep it brief -- give an action- and results-oriented definition.

How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm? Not long at all -- you expect only a brief period of adjustment to the learning curve. How long would you stay with us? Strong companies need strong people. Emphasize your interest in a long-term association, pointing out that the employer will get a faster return on investment because you have more experience than required. What is your management style? And you get the job done on time or inform your management. Are you a good manager? Give an example.

Why do you feel you have top managerial potential? Keep your answer achievement- and task-oriented; emphasize management skills -- planning, organizing, interpersonal, etc.

What do you look for when you hire people? Skills, initiative, adaptability. Did you ever fire anyone? If so, what were the reasons and how did you handle it? Give a brief example of a time when you faced this, and stress that it worked out well. What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager? Getting things planned and done on time within the budget.

Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong

What do your subordinates think of you? Be honest and positive What is your biggest weakness as a manager? Be honest and end on a positive note, e. What important trends do you see in our industry? Keep your answer to two or three trends. Why are you leaving your present job? Refine your answer based on your comfort level and honesty.

Don't put an "objective" on your résumé.

Give a "group" answer if possible, e. How do you feel about leaving all of your benefits? Concerned but not panicked. Describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment. One in which people are treated as fairly as possible.

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How would you evaluate your present firm? How have you helped increase sales? Explain in some detail, citing figures and specific examples. Have you helped reduce costs? Describe in some detail with specifics. How much money did you account for? Give examples as to your responsibilities. However, a recent research study from TheLadders that included the direct observation of the actions of corporate recruiters demonstrated that the boast of this extended review time is a huge exaggeration.

You may be shocked to know that the average recruiter spends a mere 6 seconds reviewing a resume. A similar study found the review time to be 5 — 7 seconds BeHiring. Obviously six seconds only allows a recruiter to quickly scan but not to read a resume. Like it or not, that narrow focus means that unless you make these four areas extremely easy for them to find within approximately four seconds, the odds are high that you will be instantly passed over.

And finally be aware that whatever else that you have on your resume, the recruiter will have only the remaining approximately 2 seconds to find and be impressed with it. And finally, if you think the information in your cover letter will provide added support for your qualifications, you might be interested to know that a mere 17 percent of recruiters bother to read cover letters BeHiring.

A single resume error may prevent your resume from moving on. That is because 61 percent of recruiters will automatically dismiss a resume because it contains typos Careerbuilder. In a similar light, 43 percent of hiring managers will disqualify a candidate from consideration because of spelling errors Adecco.

What Young Workers Should Know

The use of an unprofessional email address will get a resume rejected 76 percent of the time BeHiring. You should also be aware that prominently displaying dates that show that you are not currently employed may also get you prematurely rejected at many firms. Having a clear or professionally organized resume format that presents relevant information where recruiters expect it will improve the rating of a resume by recruiter by a whopping 60 percent , without any change to the content a 6.

And if you make that common mistake of putting your resume in a PDF format, you should realize that many ATS systems will simply not be able to scan and read any part of its content meaning instant rejection. Because many recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn profiles either to verify or to supplement resume information, those profiles also impact your chances. Ey- tracking technology used by TheLadders revealed that recruiters spend an average of 19 percent of their time on your LinkedIn profile simply viewing your picture so a professional picture may be worthwhile.

Recruiters report that over 50 percent of applicants for a typical job fail to meet the basic qualifications for that job Wall Street Journal. Most of that roughly second job selection time reviewing the position description is actually spent reviewing the narrow introductory section of the description that only covers the job title, compensation, and location.

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  7. As a result of not actually spending the necessary time reviewing and side-by-side comparing the requirements to their own qualifications, job applicants end up applying for many jobs where they have no chance of being selected. To make matters worse, many of the corporate position descriptions that applicants are reading are poorly written or out of date when they are posted.

    So even if an applicant did spend the required time to fully read the job posting, they may still end up applying for a job that exists only on paper. So even though an applicant actually meets the written qualifications, they may be later rejected without their knowledge because after they applied, the hiring manager finally decided that they actually wanted a significantly different set of qualifications.

    The first preliminary resume screening step at most corporations is a computerized ATS system that scans submitted resumes for keywords that indicate that an applicant fits a particular job. I estimate more that 90 percent of candidates apply using their standard resume without any customization.

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    Even if you are lucky enough to have a live recruiter review your resume, because recruiters spend on average less than 2 seconds of the total six-second review looking for a keyword match, unless the words are strategically placed so that they can be easily spotted, a recruiter will also likely reject it for not meeting the keyword target. If you make the mistake of applying for a job that is not currently open, you are probably guaranteeing failure.

    So realize that recruiters generally only have time to look at applicants who apply for a specific open job and who are then ranked highly by the ATS system. Because four out of the five job-related factors that recruiters initially look for in a resume involve work experience, recent grads are at a decided disadvantage when applying for most jobs. Their lack of experience will also mean that their resume will likely rank low on the keyword count. Unfortunately, the recruiter is usually looking for reasons to reject you, in order to avoid the criticism that will invariably come from the hiring manager if they find knockout factors in your resume.