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You had no options. These girls had no options. We knew he was sick. We knew he was gonna die. No, not at all. Charlie gets out of jail by Long Beach and then goes to San Francisco. But we have to track and we have to explain it so you understand. But the great thing about oral histories is the immediacy of the first-person narrative. Is this right or wrong?

What happened was Plenty of rock musicians have covered Manson songs throughout the years and worn his shirts onstage.

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The Family he said would hide in the void — the desert — and appear after the war, with Charlie ready to help "the blacks" — as he called them — run the world. With this as his objective, he sent four of his followers to a house, now rented by Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski. That night Charles 'Tex' Watson, Linda Kasabian, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel butchered Tate and four other people, with a gun and knives, variously taunting them and telling them this was being done out of love.

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Far from pleased, Manson said the murders had been too messy and sent a larger raiding party the next night to commit more murder and mayhem. This time the target was Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Having killed the couple, the murderers then wrote Healter sic Skelter on the fridge in the kitchen in the blood of one of their victims.

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The crucial point here was that Manson did not physically kill anyone. Although he had gone with six Family members on the second night to the LaBianca's home, he had not used a weapon. Bugliosi laid out the evidence describing what Manson had told his followers about the Beatles songs and the need to commit "Helter Skelter".

Being careful not to paint Manson as insane, Bugliosi argued Manson did not believe his own story but used it to brainwash his people. It was a brilliant legal strategy. The court accepted the argument and the evidence set out before it, and Manson and three of his followers were locked up. Although Bugliosi was appalled by Manson and the people who followed him, he admitted watching him and studying his life, the prosecutor was astonished by his power to bend people's wills to his own service. As a prosecutor in more than a hundred major cases, he admitted that while there may have been more horrific murders than the ones Manson engineered in US criminal history, it was his ability to influence others at a distance that singled him out.

Thousands arrived at the festival site.

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They may not have known it, but the '60s, with its message of peace and love, was over. All courtesy of one man. Topics: law-crime-and-justice , crime , history , death , united-states.

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