Guide Hiring Manager Secrets: 7 Interview Questions You Must Get Right

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At my last employer there was two types of career paths within engineering, management and technical expert. I would think the most benign answer to the question would be something expressing interest in mastering the technology and becoming an expert, ie. I am looking forward to continuing my research in yyyy being an industry expert in zzzz". The goals and timetable should be vague and non threatening but makes the candidate look like he work hard and problem solve for the company.

The answer to 18 is completely wrong. I am a director at a major media company's interactive division. Our company is expanding and I am almost in a constant state of hiring. I ask a variation of this question in every single interview and if a candidate has never had one issue or disagreement with anyone, I stated a variation: I ask if it has happened with anyone in the workplace I peg them as a liar and reject them immediately. How do you know that that's not true. So you mean to tell me out of everyone alive that's in the working field, no one can have a smooth ride?

The answer to Q18 can be right as well.

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I am working with my boss for the past 3 years, without no grudge at all. I never let an argument last to an extent that leads disgruntlement. It all starts when you ain't flexible. My answers would be "No" to Q18 and still I am not a liar.

8 Simple Interview Questions To Ask Hiring Managers

You may have to rethink on the same, I request. If your company is always hiring, then chances are you are losing employees faster than you can hire them. Maybe check your interviewing tactics. This isn't about the truth, it's about getting a job. I fabricate a minor disagreement that had a positive outcome. Max points on the HR interview question point scale. That's a tough statement i would say.. But i do agree with you. I have to agree with you Dave thats why when I was writing my response I stated something like. We are both humans its likely to happen Thanks Mr Dave. Appreciate your feedback.

I mean obviously there's always that one guy at every job you could live without. He's at every job!! If you say you've never had problems with anyone, you're being dishonest. I simply say "there's people you don't get along with but I don't let that effect my work". I try to keep my opinions of people to myself and make the best of it :. Some people just like to pick a bone with others for the most petty reason s and believe me, those reasons may not necessarily be anything in relation to work Why humor that?

How to Convince Employers to Hire You

I don't need it. Perhaps the media world is another ball game BUT perhaps giving people the benefit of the doubt for reasons I've noted with my own observations, experiences and mindset won't be such a bad idea. Another take on question 12 is "What was your greatest disappointment? And, it's not a lie, for me at least. Here, your disappointment should be admired by the interviewer and turns a negative into the opposite. I may or may not immediately reject the person as a liar some people really are laid back and easy to work with.

I'd put it together with other clues I have about them. But generally, there are always conflicts with other people, even if it's minor. For someone to say they've never had conflicts with anyone, is suspicious. When I ask this question of a candidate, I want to see how they resolve interpersonal conflicts. I want to see how they work in a team. I want to see how creatively they make the most of what they have. An essential part of it is, of course, to actually try to get to the heart of the conflict and do my best to resolve my portion of it.

Companion to that, I crack jokes that deride and make fun of myself first. I will make jokes about the other person too, just much more benign jokes and only after I've gotten to know them. I think this serves several purposes: 1 laughing makes everyone relax; 2 it's safer to make fun of myself than someone else; 3 I cannot be hurt by negative comments about me because I've already said it; 4 most importantly, I show that I understand their point of view which makes compromising and meeting in the middle easier.

Paul Michael's suggestion along this vein may be the most appropriate from an interviewer's point of view. All people have had strife, even those who have said they "have had no problems that have lead to any actual disgruntlement", is a MUCH better answer than, "no, no problems". Those of you that say you may have never let anyone bother you in the workplace, may be accurate; but that doesn't your actions weren't ever an issue voiced or not to a previous boss or co-worker.

In short, unless your name is Jesus Christ, and even then, Judas you've been involved in workplace disruptions. The important thing I would like to stress however is I've never knowingly allowed an issue to become more than just that; it's how we handle those issues that separate us, and I'm a professional.

Here are Google, Amazon and Facebook's Secrets to Hiring the Best People

I talked to several HR employees before I wrote the article, and also based this on my experiences. I found that bringing up disputes with prior bosses never went across very well at all, but when I said "I never really had a problem, nothing worth talking about anyway" I was always greeted with acceptance and the next question.

But it's good to know that opinion, thanks so much. I think the best response would be a fellow co-worker putting other co-workers down, and not fostering their development. I think that within a company's environment, everyone should help to foster everyone's growth and development and not hinder them. To which you then resolved the situation by drawing attention to teamwork and the need to work together and conhesively. No idea is a bad idea and no question is a bad question.

Omar- I agree with the article about the weaknesses question. You need to be able to list a few small ones that are easily fixed. I always say I get lost in the details so now I am more focused on the bigger picture. I can tell you another thing I have learned from this question is whether or not they like you.

If they ask you to list one, they are just asking to ask and see what you will say. I know my husbands friend was actually asked to list seven of them, so the number is a good gage. These are all stupid questions that are only asked by idiots in HR. If a company is asking these kinds of questions, they don't really need me. If they really NEED me, then they are going to be in a panic and asking technical questions about how I can bail them out of their predicament. Brother are you egotistical!

I've been a Controller, HR Mgr. With this knowledge companies can help to eliminate problem candidates with the potential of becoming problem employees. Problem employees are those that companies can't legally terminate without just cause. These types of employees are most often the cause of EEOC and frivolous lawsuits. Nowadays companies can and do loose thousands of dollars through these procedures.

It is much easier and safer to hire a candidate with much the same skill set and fewer character flaws. Companies would rather pay the tuition to develop a good employee with the skills needed. We do it all the time. Companies don't like to pay profits to attorneys. Good luck with your job search DO NOT answer " In every single instance, this is pure HR bait to see how spineless you are.

Saying yes to this question says two things a you're spineless b you're lying, and probably about other answers you've given. The best bet is to say something like "It would be situational. If you're asking am I willing to work until 3am to get a project out the door, then absolutely, but if you're saying will I come in to work on a project when, for instance, a family member is on their death bed, then absolutely not.

I'm ready to work extremely hard for X company, but there are a few things that are more important than work. I just wanted to say that you are totally right and you got a good point! Its very important for someone not to "asslick" their bosses by saying things "I would give everything to be perfect in my job and stop living.. The only reason why you are asked questions is for them to gage your reaction and to see if you can handle pressure well.

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  • Everyone knows you're BSing as much as they are. The jobs I got are the ones where I walked in with a great attitude, relaxed, and sound useful. Answer what they want, but not necessarily what they ask. I've botched every question and gotten some right but this is a great guide, I get nervous reading the questions right now. Good question: would you rather work for a big company or a small one? Favorite answer: I'd treat any company like it was my own regardless.

    1. Tell me why you’re interested in this position (or our company)?

    Total ownership of the situation can get you a long way. Hi All.. Am having interview at macdonalds and itz my 1st interview.