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The unnamed woman woke up one morning with no memory of her recent past.

#1 — Foreplay: How To Make a Woman Horny For You WITHOUT Even Touching Her

In her mind, she went from Thursday to Saturday with no Friday. Even her newly formed memories, the ones she was forming after she woke up, became instantly hazy.

Ultimate Guide To Eating Pussy - How To Lick Pussy And Give Her Orgasms Every Time

The next day she visited the emergency room of Georgetown University Hospital and, with a clearer head, was able to pinpoint the moment her brain wiring shorted out like a fork in a power outlet. She remembered that she stopped remembering immediately after she had sex with her husband. There are some theories that attempt to explain transient global amnesia—for instance, some scientists believe contracting our abdomens during sex creates an excess of de-oxygenated blood in our brains—but none are definitive explanations. Porn is one of those dirty little things many people enjoy watching but rarely admit to, and probably for good reason, seeing as it was recently discovered that watching porn makes certain portions of your brain shut down.

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Who would admit to taking part in something that sounds like it gives you brain damage? When you perform any kind of visual task your brain is being supplied with extra blood that fuels your ability to perform that task.

3 Steps to a Mind-Blowing Orgasm | The Vim

Sex is supposed to be the ultimate bringer of joy. Women are losing either way. Ladies, like many situations in life, we need to carry ourselves with the confidence and entitlement of a mediocre white man — and see our lives improve immeasurably. And anyone who has sex with women should be only delighted to hear what would make their partner orgasm, and excited to help make it happen.

As for your predicament, I think this is a really great opportunity for you to not only be honest with your partner about what makes you orgasm, but to give him a real insight into the pressures you face as a woman. Explaining to him why you initially chose to fake your orgasms will allow him to understand both your individual insecurities and the way cultural ideas about gender and sexuality impact you both in very real ways.

Stress to him the reason you want to tell him what brings you pleasure is in no way a criticism of his performance, nor is it indicative of problems in your relationship.

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On the contrary, after these months together you now feel comfortable opening up to him and having an honest, intimate conversation that you hope will not only improve your sex life, but will open up more open, honest conversation and understanding in your relationship generally. Or you could just tell him you want to try something new and actually instruct him on how to genuinely give you an orgasm.

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Then just tell him how mind-blowing it was and ask can you do that more often, and slowly phase out the fake orgasms until your sex life has refocused on the real-orgasm-only activities. But remember that this whole question springs from you learning to ask for what you want.

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Tracy Carroll is grateful to the Jack and Jill foundation for helping her daughter Willow. The Jack and Jill nurse helping a severely disabled child and his mother is providing a very special service. For now, our childminder showers our daughter with care, affection and attention when we cannot. Why on earth did I think the misery of hiking every day for a week would be a good idea? Endorsement for the health benefits of pizza a cause for celebration. Eating well, exercise and getting enough sleep can help a lot.

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Roe McDermott. Dear Roe I am a straight woman in a committed relationship of six months. Well, a study by the University of Munster in Germany found that orgasms help in getting rid of headaches, even migraines.

Of the participants in the study, 43 percent reported that right after an orgasm their migraines greatly improved and 18 percent said their orgasms were gone the second they climaxed. No amount of aspirin can do dull your pain quite like an orgasm.

The best time to have sex if you want a mind-blowing orgasm

Once again, we can thank the hormones that are released for this one. What that means is that while your friends are lining up to get their cold and flu shots this winter, you can be at home just having another orgasm instead. A study by Columbia and Stanford universities found that women who orgasm regularly have more regulated menstrual cycles.

When we orgasm our pelvic region becomes engorged with blood, healthy blood filled with nutrients that can keep both keep our periods on track or help regulate ones that tend to be rogue. If you've found yourself total dependent on Ambien to sleep, then it's time to throw those out and have more orgasms instead.