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To visualize how much ice that is, imagine filling the National Mall in Washington DC with enough ice to reach a point in the sky eight times higher than the Washington Monument to borrow an analogy Meredith Nettles from Columbia University gave to the Washington Post.

World's billionaires just lost more than $100 billion

The sudden spike in melting "is unusual, but not unprecedented," according to Thomas Mote, a research scientist at the University of Georgia who studies Greenland's climate. This much melting this early in the summer could be a bad sign, indicating could once again set records for the amount of Greenland ice loss. Mote explained how snow and ice melt off the Greenland ice sheet, especially early in the season, makes it easier to for additional melt to occur later in the summer.

White snow and ice, which is bright and reflects the sun's rays back into space, reduces the amount of heat that is absorbed and helps to keep the ice sheet cold a process known as "albedo". According to Mote "all signs seem to be pointing to a large melt season," and he is far from the only scientist to think so. Jason Box, an ice climatologist at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, predicted in late May that " will be a big melt year for Greenland.

Box pointed out that this year had unusually early season melt days in April, and the melt season was "happening about three weeks earlier than average, and earlier than the record-setting melt year of In addition to the early season melt, the snow cover is already lower than average in Western Greenland, and combining these factors "mean that is likely going to be a very big melt year, and even the potential to exceed the record melt year of A persistent weather pattern has been setting the stage for the current spike in melting, according to Mote.

That high pressure ridge pulls up warm, humid air from the Central Atlantic into portions of Greenland which leads to warmer temperatures over the ice. The high pressure also prevents precipitation from forming and leads to clear, sunny skies. Over the past week or two, that high pressure ridge got even stronger as another high pressure front moved in from the eastern U.

Climate change: Greenland lost 2 billion tons of ice yesterday, which is very unusual

Melt periods like the current one are not unprecedented; Mote noted previous ones in as well as and all major melt years. But he pointed out that until recently, they were unheard of.

If these extreme melt seasons are becoming the new normal, it could have significant ramifications around the globe, especially for sea level rise. Kurt Volker, Trump's envoy for Ukraine, resigns. Trump told Russians election interference wasn't a concern.

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Analysis: GOP sees impeachment backfiring. So do Democrats.


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United Nations will investigate Venezuela for human rights abuses, including torture. This is the easiest path to become a millionaire. Giuliani nixes paid appearance at Kremlin-backed event.

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