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Click here to see a recipe from this book Click here to see a recipe from this book. Description Customer Reviews 7 Extract Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Sugar makes you fat and, if you consume it for long enough, it will kill you. It is converted directly to fat by your liver and it destroys your body's ability to control your appetite. Without a functioning appetite control you will want to eat more of everything and no amount of dieting or willpower will change that.

The more sugar you eat, the fatter you will probably be. But that will be the least of your worries.

Looking unpleasant in work-out gear won't kill you although it might cause blindness in passers-by , but the metabolic effects of sugar consumption will. Even if you've managed to control your weight, you haven't escaped; you've just avoided the most obvious symptom. Some high-quality studies now confirm that sugar consumption leads straight down a path to fatty liver disease, then insulin resistance, PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome , Type II Diabetes and on to depression, anxiety and ultimately dementia.

Other studies tell us sugar is responsible for high blood pressure, chronic kidney failure, premature aging, infertility and gout. Even worse than that, it's as addictive as nicotine and embedded in almost everything you eat. So, no matter how much you want to stop eating it, you won't be able to, unless you break that addiction first.

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  8. Yes, sugar will make you fatter today and rot your teeth , but give it a few decades and it may well end your life in any one of a long list of unpleasant ways. But this book is not about disease or evidence — it's about fun. It's about still having treats even though you have thrown out the sugar.

    It's about having something to feed your sugar-addicted guests and having something to put in the school lunch-box. It's about not missing out. Table sugar sucrose is half glucose and half fructose. The glucose half is critically important to our survival. We are a machine that runs on a fuel of pure glucose. Every cell in our body uses it for energy and it is the only fuel our brain can use at all.

    Don't worry that you're missing out on glucose if you don't eat sugar, as almost every food we eat is ultimately converted to glucose by our efficient fuel extraction system. Glucose is a perfectly normal and necessary part of our diet. It is the fructose half that causes all the destruction and disease. So when I say you're about to cook without sugar, I mean the fructose half of sugar. While chemically dextrose the commercial name for glucose is also a sugar, when I use the word 'sugar' I mean the stuff you sprinkle on your cereal, scientifically known as sucrose.

    There are plenty of alternative sweeteners I could have used instead of sugar. Natvia Stevia and Erythritol and Splenda sucralose are two of the more popular sugar alternatives being promoted to bakers, and you will find them in a lot of commercial sugar-free foods.

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    He believes following his Sweet Poison Quit Plan can revolutionise your life. Below we outline its five easy steps and on the left we speak to four people who tried the diet. When I first look at it, I see a cube whose front face is bottom left. But if I stare at it long enough, it flips to the top right.

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    What would be your attitude to a substance that, if ingested, immediately doubled your waist size as well as your risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes? The only way to break your sugar addiction is to perform a Necker Cube flip and see deprivation as a desire not to be poisoned. Consider yourself to be suffering from an intolerance to fructose, and when you eat it, you become fat, bloated, lethargic and sick. If thinking about it like that helps you stay away from sugar, it is an important tool in your armoury.

    After all, you are not giving anything up. You are simply stopping a dangerous addiction. The active ingredient in sugar is fructose and it is now embedded in almost every food in the supermarket. A dry wine contains barely any of the original sugar, but a sweet wine still contains significant amounts.

    Alcoholic drinks are OK for the recovering sugarholic as long as they do not taste sweet and they are not mixed with other drinks that contain sugar. You can keep the dry wines, beers and spirits but you need to toss out the dessert wines, ports, sherries, liqueurs and mixers.

    The only cereals that contain even remotely acceptable levels are variations on unflavoured oats, Shredded Wheat and wheat biscuits. Everything with more than 3g per g should be banned. THERE is a surprisingly large array of food available without any sugar or with very low sugar content. You should avoid low-fat foods. These are engineered to taste the same as the full-fat version. The most common way of achieving this is to increase the sugar content. But I have labelled the fruit section safe for sugarholics for two reasons.

    First, most fruits contain a fairly large amount of fibre, which can help with blood sugar and insulin control.

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    They also contain a lot of water, which gives bulk. That bulk affects how much fructose you take in from the fruit. All vegetables contain some level of fructose but it is overwhelmed by the fibre content. NUTS: There is no such thing as a bad nut. Some have more fructose than others but even the worst have huge amounts of fibre. This sugar is all lactose — ignore it.

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    Bagels should be avoided. If you like white bread but would rather not have sugar at all, sourdough is the way to go. One 20g serving contains about 0. Meat pastes and organic peanut butter are also worth considering. The habit of eating in front of the TV was not part of the addiction but it did reinforce it.

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    Watching TV was a way to relax. But my sugar addiction had infiltrated that experience and taken over. The habit and addiction reinforced each other.