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Feb 10, Articles. Deshan had been a self-described expert scholar on the Diamond Sutra, an important Mahayana Buddhist wisdom text. Nearing the temple of one such Chan master, Deshan encountered one of those Zen grannies who lived near the temples, and who was selling rice cakes. She asked Deshan about the backpack full of books he carried, and Deshan boasted about his knowledge of the Diamond Sutra.

Then the old woman told Deshan that she had heard that the Diamond Sutra said that past mind cannot be grasped, present mind cannot be grasped, and future mind cannot be grasped.


She said she would sell Deshan a rice cake if he could say what mind he would take it with. Poor Deshan was speechless. So the old lady left without Deshan getting any rice cakes. There are many aspects of this story.

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The story goes on that after this encounter, when Deshan was struck speechless, Deshan went to the nearby Chan temple and burned all the commentaries he had come to see as worthless, setting an example for anti-intellectual branches of Zen. But the main point in this story about Deshan for the purposes of this article is simply the notion of past, future, and present mind as all ungraspable. The past is already gone, no longer here for us; the future is not here yet, merely a potential somewhere out there; and the present is passing by and away very quickly with each word—we cannot get a hold of it.

This is all a basic fact of reality. Mind and reality are both truly inconceivable.


Our human perceptions and powers of conceptualization cannot possibly capture the complexity of reality. Our reality is that complex and rich, far beyond definition or explanation. And time itself is illusive, ever fleeting. In the Chinese Huayan school, based on the visionary Avatamsaka Sutra, or Flower Ornament scripture, ten times are depicted, the past, present, and future of the past, of the future, and of the present itself, along with the combination of all nine of those as a tenth. Time is our fluid experience itself, as we can see from our sense of some meditation periods whizzing by, while others seem interminable, even though the clock may indicate they are equal.

To fully engage the presence of all time, or of being time, requires a deeper awareness of the interconnectedness of time. Just as we may look back with gratitude to ancient masters in the past, we may develop respect and relationship with beings of the future. To fully be time, we must reinhabit the fullness of time, all ten times and beyond. I feel my body gradually loosens and gets lighter when I lie down on tatami and slowly stretch my muscles in a position I don't usually do. I rarely go up to a room with tatami mats, let alone have a chance to grumble.

Today, the soft texture of the tatami mats was more comfortable than the wooden flooring. After loosening the body, it is the second Zazen. As time passes from dusk to night, the candle flutters and it is fantastic. When the bell rings, meditation begins. I feel lighter than my first zazen. Is it because of "Toda Gymnastics"?

The sound around me is getting further and further. It was so quiet that I could hear Toda and his friends breathing. After a while, I can hear Toda's sutra chanting.

Japanese Zen Buddhist Philosophy (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

It was good that there was no sound at all, but I felt that the sutra echoing in the night of the scene increased my concentration. The experience program is over after two sessions of zazen.

♡ Chant "The Heart Sutra" ♡ Gate Gate Pāragate Pārasaṃgate Bodhi Svāhā ♡ Follow The Words On Screen

It's a time for Toda and the participants to talk about various things while having tea and sweets. Today's impressions, what I usually feel, questions and worries. I don't have much time to spend in my daily life and talk with everyone without hesitation. It was such a wonderful time that I wanted to soak in the warm air all the time. Many parts are definitely lighter than before! I think I can do my best from tomorrow. The meditation at night was very comfortable.

Next time, I wanted to make the most of the cool time in the morning, so I got up earlier than usual and tried to meditate in the morning by myself. It is a temple that is said to have been founded by Ieyasu Tokugawa in Keicho 6 You can experience everything from zazen meditation to samu sank where you look at yourself through cleaning, sermons that teach you about Buddhism and Zen in an easy-to-understand way, and the Zen breakfast kayu za scum.

It is located in an area called Ichijoji, which is a little far from the center of Kyoto, and the surrounding area is very quiet. I feel as if I have forgotten the hustle and bustle of the city and came far away. Many Karesansui gardens are simple, but I feel something gorgeous and powerful.

Zen experience for busy adults

The white sand represents the sea of clouds, the stone arrangement represents a dragon, and the rising stone pillar represents lightning. There is no partition between the path through the garden and the garden, so you can see the garden up close. The ascetic practices start at 6 o'clock, starting with zazen. Beginners should gather 15 minutes before the class and learn how to sit and breathe. The sound of the bell echoes in the clear morning air.

The Zen temple where nuns trained until recent years has a mysterious and elegant atmosphere. I did two 20 minute zazen meditations. After zazen sitting meditation , ascetic practices called samu samu. While cleaning historical and beautiful gardens and buildings, you remove bad things and distractions in yourself.

You can learn about Buddhism and Zen from the sermon that the chief priest talks about himself. It's hard to get a chance to learn something new when you grow up. I felt fresh. When I thought I was going to be hungry, I did my last training. It's time for gruel sitting. The term "kayu za" refers to breakfast in the Zen sect. I will have a simple breakfast of rice porridge and pickles with other participants and the chief priest.

Maybe because I was active from the morning, the breakfast was simpler than usual, but I felt it was very delicious. Relaxing while looking at the Togyu no Niwa Juugyu no Niwa that was built in the early-modern times.


This temple is the oldest and largest in Kyoto, Japan.

I feel very calm and calm. It's a strange feeling as if you blend into the surrounding scenery. You'll be able to see the beautiful temple grounds, such as the Suikinkutsu with a faint sound of water and the groomed bamboo grove. I stayed a little long, but I have to go home now.

Find your Zen in Tokyo

I think I can do anything with this clean state. I think it's good to take a short trip or visit a cafe I've always wanted to go to. I can't believe I'm looking forward to this day because of my zazen experience from the morning!

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